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Hameed Latif Hospital Laboratories is a state of art lab providing all type of pathology services to Hameed Latif Hospital round the clock since 24 years.

The lab is accrediated with RIQAS ( Randox International Quality assurance system ) from U.K. The Lab Equipments are daily maintained and internal quality control is performed.


Highly qualified staff is available round the clock and critical results are communicated directly to consultants by pathology consultants. Stat lab services are also provided.  The lab is providing services in Chemical pathology, Haematology, Microbiology, Histopathology, Special Chemistry, Cytopathology and Molecular biology.


Molecular Biology

PCR for Hepatitis viruses, Dengue virus and Mycobacterium tuberclousis are performed on the state of art latest equipments available. Molecular biology department is supervised by experienced consultants. Doubtful results are rechecked by state of the art equipments. Very low viral loads are also detected.